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As a startup owner, there’s every chance you don’t know a lot about SEO, although, it’s one of the most effective and efficient ways to get visitors to your website and attract attention to your business. But you have to get it right – as getting it wrong can be a disaster. So let’s talk SEO tips for startups!

There are plenty of articles and blogs out there that will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of SEO, of course. But, today, I thought I would reveal a few tactics you can use to help your SEO efforts work a lot harder for you. Let’s take a closer look.

Some SEO Tips for Startups:

#1: Focus on The Customer

One major problem I keep seeing around is that there is too much focus on SEO and not enough on the customer. Things are getting better, thankfully. There are less keyword-stuffed articles written by non-English speakers, for example. Don’t forget that good SEO might help your website rank for a particular search term. But, if a visitor clicks on your page and doesn’t like what they see, they will be gone in a flash. SEO is the bait, and your website needs to have enough meat on its bones to appease the customer.

#2: Keywords

Keywords should be the centerpiece of your SEO strategy, so expect to do a lot of research before you even get started. You will need to look closely at your demographics, your competitors, and recent search trends so that you can find the right keywords to use. The ideal keyword is something that your readers are interested in, but there is little information on elsewhere. Research should take up a lot of your time – even more than you spend writing out an excellent blog post.

#3: Go local

Local SEO is vital for any small business that serves their community. When anyone in your locale looks for a service or a product you provide, it should be your name that they see first. But, how do you get started? Google MyBusiness should be your first stop. It connects your business directly with potential clients regardless of where they look up your products or services – Search, Maps, Google+. Another thing you could do is to find the local trends. Your neighbourhood, city or even industry have huge potential. Research local hashtags on Twitter and get in touch with local bloggers. Make your content interesting and appealing! Collate some interesting data that might catch the eye of a local journalist. Any interest you can attract is going to lead to more local links to your website.

#4: Content Quality

There is a lot of content on the web, but most of it could be lost forever without anyone missing it. And, the likes of Google feel the same way. There is much more focus on content quality rather than quantity these days, so make sure you are making an effort. Longer blog posts tend to outperform shorter ones, and you have to make every post as interesting and unique as possible.

#5: Content Strategy

Of course, you can write all the content you want, but it will have no impact without a strategy. A sound content strategy will include creating a content calendar, and releasing your work on a regular basis. It should also involve sharing your work on social media channels and making sure that you are building up a good email mailing list. Finally, make sure you measure everything. Your analytics will tell you what is succeeding and what is failing.

Hope these SEO tips for startups have helped – let me know your thoughts!